Dr. J. Memorabilia

Julius "Dr. J." Erving jerseys, shoes, slides, posters, photos, etc.

                          Sources For Dr. J. Photos

If you're looking for quality Dr. J. photos, you have to check out Berman Sports. Great photos of both ABA Doc as well as early NBA Erving. Over 200 Erving photos to browse. You'll also find Pete Maravich, George Gervin, David Thompson and more!



Another site that has recently added some late
career Erving pics (below) is Basketballphoto.com
Basketballphoto.com Sixers YouTube slideshow.
Also, a great shot of Cheeks, Toney, Malone, Barkley & Erving.

For reference, you can always check out the watermarked photos at:

Corbis Photos, Getty Images and SI Pictures





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